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Hair Loss Solutions

It's commonly known that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, and this is often due to what we refer to as male pattern baldness. But, women are also prone to thinning hair and balding, something which has a huge emotional impact on both men and women

Root Level

The follicular metabolic cycle consists of three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. In alopecia, the anagen phase of the follicular cycle gets progressively shorter and the hair becomes finer and shorter. The final result is atrophy of the hair follicle causing hair to become almost invisible. In addition, these changes to the scalp tend to affect the sebaceous glands, causing the simultaneous appearance of seborrhoea and dandruff.

Hair Loss Solutions

Mesoestetic’s m.prof 312 hair loss treatment strengthens microcirculation to the hair follicle, leading to stronger, thicker hair. The complete protocol consists of 5 sessions, during which a great variety of micronutrients is provided in a cyclical manner, in order to ensure the correct evolution of the treatment. 

Active substances

X-ADN gel: regenerating and moisturising properties

Biotin: plays a major role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and purines as an enzymatic cofactor.

Oligo elements: helps to regulate metabolic processes

Dexpantenol 20%: trophic effect on the epithelium and on lipid metabolism

Centella asiatica: strengthens the hair and acts as a biostimulant.


Traditional mesotherapy: use a 32g 4mm needle and administer a small bolus of product 1cm apart covering the treatment area. 1 session weekly to two-weekly, for 3 months. To maintain, 1 session a month.

Micro pen: 1 session every month

Female pattern alopecia responds better than androgenic alopecia, however, if balding is treated during the initial phases it can be slowed down.

For best results, combine it with mesoestetic's Tricology shampoo and lotion, to be used every alternate day. This will continue to stimulate the micro circulation at home in between treatments.

Hair Loss Solutions