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Healthy Winter Skin, Part 2

Here are 4 tips on how to keep your skin healthy during the winter months.


Winter is the most perfect time to treat cellulite, especially as its takes a few months before signs of improvement shows. The new ProActive Cellulite….. is a wonderful cellulite treatment available at my clinic.


Seasonal changes, dry skin and stress are just a few factors that can be disastrous for people suffering from eczema. BioMedical Emporium Vitamin E serum or Skin Repair Serum are a must have, not just for anti-aging but also for eczema.  Calming and some extra moisture – check.

Night-time Routine

I don’t understand why people skip this (maybe because of the cold) but I just love my night time routine. Your skin needs added moisture more than ever. I love using Mesoestetic’s StemCell Serum or Collagen serum during the winter. This is my “fancy-fancy” skincare time because I don’t wear m ake-up my skin can really get to work withall the products.


Increased circulation and oxygen delivery to cells ensures cell detoxification and a healthy glow, and by reducing stress hormones, many inflammatory skin conditions can be treated with exercise.

Healthy Winter Skin, Part 2