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Meesopeel - 15% TCA l Forever Young

We are taking a look at the TCA peels within the mesoestetic range. In total, we have 4 peels which contain TCA, but 3 of them are specifically indicated for ageing. First up, we have:

mesopeel TCA 15%

 - Stage ll to lll skin ageing

 - Moderate photo-ageing + superficial acne scars

 - 50ml pH 1.5

The Specifics:

 - pH 0.8

 - Clear, hydro-glycerinated solution

 - Self-neutralising

 - It acts on skin proteins and triggers keratocoagulation which leads to the appearance of white frost on the skin. This effect improves the skin’s physiological and mechanical qualities

 - Stimulates fibroblast activity

The Benefits

 - Results after one session

 - Unbeatable progressive results

 - Excellent winter rejuvenation for photoaged skins, glogau scale 3 and up phototypes 1,2,3

 - No mixing required

 - It treats a wide variety of added concerns: pigmentation, skin ageing, texture, photo- damage

Meesopeel - 15% TCA l Forever Young