Depigmentation Treatment

About Depigmentation

Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® treatment is an effective hyper-pigmentation management programme consisting of both professional treatment and home care. Cosmelan® acts by blocking the melanin-producing enzyme (Tyrosinase), therefore reducing the production of melasma...

The difference between Cosmelan® and Dermamelan®

The difference is in the concentration. Dermamelan® is a higher, stronger concentration than Cosmelan®. Both guarantee significant reduction in brown patches.


Effective depigmentation method | minimally invasive treatment | anti-ageing properties | beneficial for acne scarring | effective homecare products to maintain results | no hospitalisation | compatible with all phototypes | effective on most types of hyperpigmentation | not painful | one hour treatment | can be applied to face, décolletté, hands and body

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Depigmentation At A Glance

Best Results
1 - 2

Duration of Results
10 - 12 Months

Treatment Recovery
7 - 14 days

Risk & Complications


Procedure Time
30 mins

Skin Specialist
Doctor / Registered Nurse

Back to Work
1 - 4 Days