Plexr Treatments

Skinstitute is the first skin care clinic in the Southern Cape and one of the first seven around the country to offer Plexr treatments.

Plexr Is a hand held device that uses a focused and controlled micro‚Äźbeam of plasma energy to sublimate (lift off and vaporise) the superficial part of the skin(epidermis),without causing any damage to the underlying or adjacent tissues.

It is able to perform procedures such as upper and lower eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), minifacelifts, removal of wrinkles, scars including acne scars,and unsightly skingrowths as well as keloids,all, without the need for open surgery and sutures or an operation. It is also able to remove tattoos and skin blemishes that would otherwise require painful laser treatments or chemical peels. It is truly a revolutionary new tool capable of performing most of the procedures that would otherwise require expensive plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Skinstitute is the only company in the Southern Cape that currently has the Plexr machine and treatments available.

The Plexr machine can be used to treat:

  • non-surgical blepharoplasty
  • face and body lifting
  • removal of fibromas, moles, verrucas, keloids, xanthelasmas
  • tattoo removal of any colour
  • post acne and other scars
  • excess skin lifting on arms and abdomen
  • periumbilical striae
  • acne
  • dyschromia
  • peri-oral lines

Performed without an anaesthetic injection or any cutting, bleeding, scalpels or lazers, risks linked to traditional surgery are avoided. Only a small amount of topical anaesthetic cream is needed.

If it doesn't say Plexr, it's not Plexr!

Why Plexr:

  • It's a recognized medical device that's licensed by the South African Department of Health.
  • It carries the trusted CE mark which means it complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health ans safety legislation.
  • It's a product that's backed by academic research and numerous case studies carried out over the past seven years.
  • It's a product with an established track record and the number of satisfied patients (and doctors) proves this.
Plexr Treatments at Skinstitute

Lower Risk

Minimal Down Time

More Cost Effective

Instant Results

Plexr At A Glance

Best Results
1 - 4

Duration of Results
18 - 24 Months

Treatment Recovery
3 - 10 days


Procedure Time
30 - 60 mins

Skin Specialist
Doctor / Registered Nurse

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